4.2. The submodule ds1054z.discovery - Zeroconf Discovery for Rigol DS1000Z-series scopes

This submodule depends on the Python package zeroconf. Thus,

>>> import ds1054z.discovery

raises an ImportError in case, the zeroconf package is not installed.

class ds1054z.discovery.DS1000ZServiceInfo(type_, name, address=None, port=None, weight=0, priority=0, properties=None, server=None)

Patched version of zeroconf.ServiceInfo for DS1000Z devices.

ds1054z.discovery.discover_devices(if_any_return_after=0.8, timeout=2.5)

Discovers Rigol DS1000Z series oscilloscopes on the local networks.

  • if_any_return_after (float) – Return after this amount of time in seconds, if at least one device was discovered.
  • timeout (float) – Return after at most this amount of time in seconds whether devices were discovered or not.

The list of discovered devices. Each entry is a dictionary containing a ‘model’ and ‘ip’ entry.

Return type:

list of dict